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Monday June 3rd, 2024

Grandes Escolhas has been organizing what is the largest Portuguese white wine competition in the world since 2020. Its fifth edition took place in May 2024 and broke all records in terms of number of samples, 570, and number of judges, 52. The latter, fully respecting the name and spirit of the competition, were exclusively selected among the most experienced professionals from the HoReCa channel and retail: owners or managers of restaurants, wine stores and wine bars; sommeliers; and retail chain buyers or consultants. This is truly the Market’s Choice, revealed on the following pages and divided into three categories: RRP up to €7; between 7 and €15; and more than €15. In each of these categories, the “Market Choice Award” was awarded to the best classified wines and, among these, the three whites with the highest classification received the “Market Choice Grand Prize”.

Adega de Penalva was present and it was with great satisfaction that the following wine was awarded in Category B:

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